A hotdesk includes a nice working chair, a desk, hi-speed wifi, free coffee and biscuits, a useful kitchen, 9 to 18 access and, if you’re lucky enough, an extra screen if needed. The office is mostly populated by US and some digitalnomads, remote workers and others friends that could be visiting us.
If you want to join us for a short period (or more), please fill the form to check our availability. In case that your profile seems pretty useful to us, we can also send you an offer back to exchange your knowledge (seminars, talks, etc) for a free pass. We’re delighted to spend time with talented people and to know interesting peers from all over the world. So, don’t be shy and tell us who you are, what you do, and why you would like to spend some time with us.

The perks that you’ll be able to get while staying with us could include: trying “espetos”, visiting the hidden just-for-locals pubs, a trip to a close town, a guided tour through the food markets, spanish slang lessons, joining a jam session with a rock band or trying scuba diving. To name a few.